About Small Town Girls


It's me, hi! I'm the owner, it's me!

My name is Maggie and I am the founder and owner of Small Town Girls Boutique. I am obviously the face and heart of this business, if you couldn't already tell!

I was born and raised in a small town located in Pennsylvania and though I have moved a few towns over, I am still forever attached to my small town living. I have always had a passion to help create the best versions of everyone, which is what has led me to own a salon and a boutique. I truly do believe the whole "look good, feel good" statement, obviously.

My whole life I searched for my "meaning," the reason of my existence. A few years back I recognized the thing that makes me feel the most fulfilled is by uplifting others. My purpose in life is to empower women without a doubt. By creating beauty with my external offerings, this allows others to feel more comfortable internally and build confidence internally. This is my meaning.

I would also like to add I am a one woman shop. I order, sort, price, post, take pictures, model, package, ship, handle the website, and communicate with our customers all by myself. Small Town Girls Boutique is operated by one person, literally. I am human and the owner of two business's so some days there can be a 1-2 day delay in shipping or communication. Unfortunately, my 3 doggo's have proven to be untrainable to assist in any of these tasks and are kept away from all merchandise due to the love of sleeping on clothes and carrying my pricing tags around. Please know I am doing everything in my power to keep you happy and only keep the best quality items in my boutique.


Fun facts about Small Town Girls Boutique:

- We back the blue.

- We support all sexualities and genders.

- We believe in equality for every race and sex.

- We support other small businesses.